Hello Visitor!

The aim of this project can be defined perfectly by the meaning of the word “curiosity”:

        1. A strong desire to know or learn something.
        2. An unusual or interesting object or fact.

So here we are, in the era of Artificial Intelligence (Skynet?) and Data Science. When all the people is developing new ways to figure out how economics evolve, how to predict the future of pandemias or the grow of the crops, I tried to find answers for the questions that really matter me:

  • How many blond girls are killed on the Friday 13 franchise?
  • It´s Nosferatu related somehow to the Spanish version of Dracula?
  • What was the horror movie landscape during WWI?

As I didn’t get the answers, then… I went for it. I am on my way to elaborate one of the biggest datasets specialized in Horror movies. This includes: movies, dates, directors, cast, crew, companies, ratings, keywords, awards and the relationships between them.

Follow me on my way to discover more about Big data on horror movie films and in the meanwhile, enjoy the little pieces of information found. They will be shared on this website and the rest of social media platforms were you can find me.